Week 1 Update – Full Week of Workouts & Eating

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Macro goals: 1700 Calories – 149g Carbs – 47g Fat – 170g Protein (Also paying attention to fiber, sodium & sugar) (See why here.)

Water intake goal: 128oz – I use a water tracking app that reminds me every hour (you can set the frequency) between 8am and 11pm to drink.  I hit or exceeded 128oz every day except one where I only got 112oz. If any one is interested on a ‘water post’ (exciting stuff right lol) – aka how much you should be drinking and why it’s so important, just let me know! 🙂

Current supplements: I’m not taking all of the supplements I usually do, just because I ran out and haven’t gotten more, so all I’ve been taking currently is my ISO100 Protein, preworkout as needed, and CLA in the mornings and if I remember before lunch (I usually don’t remember). Again, if you want a full blown explanation on supplements, what to take, when, which ones, etc. lemme know!

Starting weight (6/1/2018): 144.8lbs

Saturday Morning 6/9/2018 Weight: 142.8

Down 2lbs exactly, which is honestly a lot for usual rate given the relatively small amount I actually gained/am trying to lose. 2lbs per week isn’t unheard of if you have a significant amount you’re trying to lose, but it is about the maximum you should target trying to lose per week to keep it off for the long term. I suspect part of the loss is a lot of water weight I had been holding onto before from eating like a garbage disposal, also I haven’t been eating as much as I should have been, which I’ll explain below and I do not advocate. I imagine the rate is going to slow down though now that I’ve likely worked off a lot of the excess water weight and as I start to build my muscle back up, that added weight will offset the fat loss number. You’ll probably hear me say this 100 times, but do not obsess over the scale! It only shows a small part of the picture. It’s just one of a number of tools to track your progress along with pictures, which is my favorite because I think it shows the biggest impact. You can also measure yourself, which I wish I did more, I honestly just forget or get lazy.

Any ways… Here’s where I’m at as of Saturday Morning:

Anddd compared to the last week:

Friday 6/1/2018


Shoulders & Triceps

  • 15 minutes steady state – stair master
  • 3×12 – Seated alternating lateral raises
  • Drop set 10, 12, 15 – Tricep single arm kick backs with the cable machine
  • 3×10 Upright rows
  • 3×10 Tricep bench dips
  • 3×12 L raises
  • 3×12 Tricep rope pull down
  • 3×10 alternating shoulder press
  • 10 minutes HIIT – Stairmaster

My stupid FitBit absolutely refused to sync this day, so no stats on how many calories I actually burned. ?

P.S. If anyone has a better app for tracking workouts, seriously, let me know. Right now I’m just writing everything in a notepad app in my phone as I do it, and it sucks lol.


So.. I did a pretty awful job of hitting my goals this week. I fell short on calories pretty much everyday, which I am strongly against doing – so do not do what I did, or do, but then eat more lol. I don’t have an excuse other than this is what happens when you don’t prep. Doing a better job of hitting my macros is definitely going to be the main focus next week.


Saturday 6/2/2018



1. Stretch (I really don’t stretch nearly as much as I know I should. Working on it.)
2. Warm-up: 2.5mins walk. 10min mile (6mph pace). 2.5min walk/stretch
3. Activation warm-ups: 1) 30 Single Leg Alternating Body Weight Step-Ups, 50 Body Weight Squats, 30 Body Weight Hip Thrusts (Activation exercises are super important especially on glute day – it gets the blood flowing there and helps with mind muscle connection. If you have trouble feeling it your booty or your legs and not your butt are sore the next day, try these – game changer!)
4. 15, 12, 10, 8 – Hip thrusts: Up the weight each time
5. 3×12 Bulgarian split squats with a hop
6. 10,12,15 Straight leg deadlifts with dumbbells
7. 4×15 Reverse hip abduction
8. 20 minutes steady state stair master NO HANDS!

Calories Burned (per FitBit Charge HR):

I work at a desk allll day. My BMR is roughly 1400, and if I just go to work and then come home and sit around I burn about 1600-1700, just to give you a rough idea of how many I burned from the workout.


Sunday 6/3/2018


Sunday I did a full body circuit with my pup, Tyson! 🙂 It was sooo nice out and I had a ton to do, so this was a quick, perfect excuse to be outside and still get my workout in!

Here’s the circuit I did. Do each exercise for 40 seconds continuously, then rest for 20 seconds and go on to the next move. When you hit the end of the list, jog for 10 minutes then do it all over again 2 more times! 🙂

Circuit x3 each. – 40sec work, 20 seconds rest – 10 minute jog at the end
1. Push-ups
2. Jump squats
3. Jump lunges
4. Sumo squats
5. Jump rope
6. Curtsy lunge
7. Jumping Jack’s
8. High knees
9. Burpees
10. Lateral shuffle

10 min jog

Calories Burned:


Monday 6/4/2018


Random assortment of upper body – mostly back

20 min stairs master – stead state
20×3 Bicep Curls
10×3 Pull ups (assisted if you need to, like me!)
12×3 Lat pull down
12×3 Bent over row
12×3 Straight arm pull down
12×3 Rear dealt flys
10 min 15 incline 3-3.5mph walk

Calories Burned:


Tuesday 6/5/2018



I was kind of in a hurry this day. My favorite thing to do when I have a really limited amount of time and still want to lift is to do timed work instead of reps.

I did each of these moves for 35seconds straight then rested for 25 seconds and I would do 3 sets of that and then move on to the next thing/

3 sets each – 35sec work 25 sec rest:
1. Glute kicks, straight back  (cable machine)
2. Glute kicks – up (cable machine)
3. Glute swing – lower, straight back  (cable machine)
4. Glute swing – side (cable machine)
5. Glute kick down (cable machine)
6. Leg extensions
7. 45 degree leg press
8. Hamstring curls
9. Donkey kick machine side ways (3 sets per leg)
10. Donkey kick machine straight back (3 sets per leg)

Elliptical 20 mins HIIT

Calories Burned:


Wednesday 6/6/2018


Rest day! I’m aiming for 1-2 rest days a week, but I only felt the need for 1 this week. 🙂


Thursday 6/7/2018


Back & Tris

Morning – 30 min bike fasted cardio

1. 15 min stair master stead state
2. 5 min jog cool down 5mph
3. Superset: 3×12 – single arm tricep kickback, overhead tricep extension
4. 3×15 Single arm alternating dumbell rows
5. 3×12 Inverted row cable machine
6. 3×10 Superset – tricep dips, assisted pull ups
7. 3x to failure lat pull down
8. 10 min stair master HIIT

FitBit again decided to quit syncing starting on this day, I can see it on my wrist, just not able to paste it here, so just trust me when I say I burned roughly 2000-2100 the rest of the days. I’ll update here when it decided to work again 🙂


Friday 6/8/2018


Abs & Cardio

Friday was a superrr long day. My gym closes at 9pm on Fridays and I didn’t get home until 7:30, so by the time I changed into my workout close and ran back out to the gym it was a little after 8pm, so here’s my super quick less than 1 hour workout:

  • Quick stretch
  • 30 min stairs – HIIT
  • Abs – 3x to failure:
    • Cable machine bicycle crunches (weight attached to my feet with a strap)
    • Cable machine crunches (weight attached to my feet with a strap)
    • Cable machine leg throw downs (was holding the weight above with the robe attachment)



Some of the exercises I do can be hard to describe, so if you ever have any questions or want to see a video on a movement – or anything else really, I’m always happy to help! 🙂

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