Macro goals (Same as last week): 1700 Calories – 149g Carbs – 47g Fat – 170g Protein (Also paying attention to fiber, sodium & sugar) (See why here.)

Water intake: 128oz+ per day (has been around 140oz lately)

Current supplements: Protein, Preworkout, CLA, L-Carnatine

Starting weight – 6/1/2018: 144.8lbs

Last Week – 6/9/2018 Weight: 142.8lbs

Current – 6/16/2018 Weight: 143.4lbs – My weight actually went up a smidgen this morning. It had been hovering around 142.4lbs most of the week. Not completely sure where the increase came from – it could be muscle mass or maybe I just ate more yesterday, but I’m feeling leaner again and I can see a difference in the pictures which is exactly why I stress not obsessing over the scale! 🙂

Here’s where I’m at compared to the beginning and last week:


Saturday 6/9/2018


Cardio & Abs

This was a super quick, simple workout. I woke up & went straight to the gym so I could do fasted cardio, but I forgot my after-cario-pre-lifting snack so that’s why it’s so short. 🙂

  • 30 mins running fasted
  • Ab circuit – 15 reps each, 4 rounds:
    • Plank
    • Superman
    • Flutter Kicks
    • Long Arm Crunches

Calories burned for the day: 2,091 


Sunday 6/10/2018


Triceps & Biceps 

My body was just crazy tired this day. Sometimes you just need to feel when you need to push yourself throughout and sometimes you need to listen to your body and let it rest – so I compromised, no cardio. 🙂

  • Stretch
  • 3×10 Tricep extension machine
  • 4×12 Tricep push down – cable machine
  • 4×10 (each arm) Alternating hammer curls
  • 4×15 each Superset: Tricep rope, Barbell curl
  • 4×15 Crossbody tricep extension
  • Shoulder work (If you seen my pull post on Instagram, I’ve been struggling with my left shoulder, so I’ve been taking time at the end of every workout to work on just that. Thanks to everyone who sent me over advise and new moves to try!)

Calories burned for the day: 2095


Monday 6/11/2018



  • Stretch
  • 15 min HIIT run with plank walk. – I turn the incline up to 10-13. Run for 1 minute and then do plank walks on the threadmill for 30 seconds at a lower speed as my ‘rest’ (How to do a plank walk video)
  • Glute activation: 30 Step ups each leg, 3×10 body weight hip thrusts, 30 body weight squats
  • 3×15 each – Superset: Donkey kicks on cable machine, Cable machine glute kickbacks
  • 4×10 Hip thrusts as heavy as possible
  • 4×10 Stiff leg deadlifts
  • 4×12 Reverse hip-abduction (How to at the 1:30 mark here)
  • Drop set 8,10,12,15 each leg – single leg, leg press
  • Shoulder work
  • 5 min stair HIIT

Calories burned for the day: 2041


Tuesday 6/12/2018


1 Hour Cardio & Abs

Both my legs and upper body were still crazy sore and I was limited on time, thus this workout.

Calories burned for the day: 2070


Wednesday 6/13/2018


Rest Day 🙂

Calories burned for the day: 2098 (I didn’t work out, but I was working around the yard and house. Not the best rest day lol)


Thursday 6/14/2018


Back, Biceps, & Abs

  • 100 floors stairs (~30 mins)
  • Super-set – 15, 12, 10: Close grip pull up & Concentration curls
  • Super-set – 13, 11, 9: Bent over lat raise & Hammer curls
  • Super-set – 11, 9, 7: EZ bar preacher curl & Standing Y raise
  • 3×12: Wide grip row ( was going to be a super-set, but machine was taken :P)
  • Super-set – 3 x To Failure: Wide grip lat pull down & Fast up, fast down curls
  • Abs – 20×4:
    • Scissors
    • Long Arm Crunches
    • Flutter Kicks
    • Leg Raises
    • 45 Degree weighted oblique extension

Calories burned for the day: 2047


Friday 6/15/2018


1.5 hours Judo/Jiu-Jitsu (Sorry this isn’t very helpful, but it was super fun!)

Calories burned for the day: 2051


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